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What We Offer

Binginbar Farms Lamb

Quality Lamb for Marketplace

Binginbar Farms produces lamb that is unparalleled in the marketplace in many ways. Points of differentiation include:
  • We are taking significant steps to move toward carbon neutrality even carbon positive potentially
  • Currently part of 3 different quality assurance programs
  • Going through HFAC procedure now (Certified Humane)
  • Antibiotic free production
  • 100% lifetime traceability available to the consumer including:
Binginbar Farms Sheep
  • Property/Vendor of Origin
  • Breed
  • Date they enter our system
  • Treatments (WHP/ESI)
  • Performance (grams/hd/day)
  • Feeds consumed and FCR’s
  • Emissions produced
  • Paddocks/pens they have moved through in our system
  • Date they leave Binginbar
  • Carcass data from the processor
Sheep running in field

All of this data, captured utilising cutting edge technologies, along with the sustainable management practices employed, can provide the customer/consumer with the confidence that the product they are purchasing has been produced sustainably, humanely, ethically and is safe from chemical residues.

Tractor distribute Sheep feeds

Quality Grains and Fodder

Quality Grains and Fodder produced on Binginbar surplus to our requirements.

We produce Wheat, Canola, Barley, Hay and Silage on Binginbar that we utilise to help produce lamb. We often grow grain and fodder surplus to our requirements. Our grains and fodders are grown in a sustainable way minimising herbicide use through employing modern production methods such as harvest weed seed control and cutting crops for hay to help drive down weeds. We also have a full stubble retention system that helps protect against erosion through retaining ground cover.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values

To produce high quality food and a sustainable agriculture farm with values that set the direction for our behaviour.

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Our Farm History

Binginbar Farms is a 3,850ha farm located at Gollan, nested between Wellington, Dubbo and Dunedoo in central NSW.

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