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Smart Livestock

Cutting Edge Technologies

At Binginbar Farms we employ the use of cutting edge technologies to maximise both productivity and efficiency. Much of this can be seen in the video clips.
These technologies include:

IoT remote sensors

• Water Tank Sensor to detect water levels in tanks and troughs to determine there is sufficient water for the lambs.
• Water Flow Sensor to detect water pressure at pumps to determine the pumps are operating correctly.

Soil, Weather and Camera Sensors

• Soil Moisture Sensor to detect soil moisture levels
• Weather Sensor to detect weather conditions at various points on the farm
• Artificial Intelligence Cameras to detect abnormal lamb behaviour

EiD, Readers and Digital Solutions.

• EiD tags and readers are the hardware required to trace the individual lambs throughout our system once the software solutions are in place.
• Digital solutions to record all facets of our operations from paddocks being harvested with the yield results to feed consumed by lambs in particular paddocks/pens and everything in between.